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We welcome volunteers!

Each volunteer must complete a Volunteer Registration Form and adhere to the Confidentiality Policy.


All staff, parents, volunteers and visitors are always expected to adhere to the basic rules of confidentiality to ensure respect, privacy and confidentiality of information pertaining to children and families.

1. Be professionally discreet.  Any information you see or hear or see within the classroom or school needs to be kept CONFIDENTIAL.  No one enjoys hearing their child discussed by others in the workroom, hallway, supermarket or parent meetings.

2. Do not ask staff to share information about other children or their families.  Please respect that the staff needs to keep this information confidential.

3. Discussions concerning children, other staff, classroom policy, etc. need to be conducted in a private place, such as a classroom or office with a closed door.

4. Respect staff and families by not to discuss them or their business with others. Discussions concerning children, other staff, classroom policy, etc. need to occur only between appropriate staff.   

5. Do not discuss children outside the classroom using their names or other identifying information.

6. Pictures may not be taken in the school or on school fields trips without the Principal's permission.  Pictures should then be limited to your own child. This does not apply to school concerts.  Identifiable pictures of other students should never be posted on social networking sites without the parents of that child’s permission.

Consider that you never know who is listening or what the ramifications may be, by sharing information with individuals who should not have access or knowledge of students and families.

Thank you for your concern and respect for the confidentiality of all families and staff within our program. If you have any questions, please talk to the classroom teacher, assistant principal or principal.