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At George P. Nicholson we believe that Assessment for/or/as Learning practices raise student achievement levels and actively involve children in their learning.  We are committed to this journey and spend a great deal of time learning together.  Students at George P. Nicholson School are involved in meaningful conversations where they set criteria with their teacher, reflect on their learning, set goals, provide feedback to their peers, receive feedback from their teachers, and celebrate their accomplishments.


Homework Plan

Homework is meant to:

  • help support your child's learning;
  • reinforce what your child learned in school; and
  • give your child more practice.


  • Homework is not provided when families take vacations or extended leaves that are not at     the scheduled breaks in the school year. We do, however, encourage daily reading and   entries made in travel journals.
  • Teachers will provide students with clear directions for homework.  Expectations related to quality and time spent doing homework will be established and discussed in class.  Projects will be accompanied with written instructions designed to add clarity related to expectations for completion.
  • Each student has a different capacity for doing homework.  Parents are asked to monitor the amount of time spent doing homework and make appropriate decisions for its completion in partnership with the teacher. 
  • Homework will not be given during the scheduled breaks of the school year.

Individual Classroom teachers have homework expectations that they have communicated to students and parents.

All homework sent home should be meaningful. It should directly relate to what is being learned in class, or reinforce skills by extending or applying in a meaningful, purposeful activity.